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here are some of my favourite projects as a composer:

2019: Morice Jafari – The Circle (youtube, composition & production)

2019: Ryszard Wieczorem – Silent Forest (youtube, composition & production)

2018: Steinberg HALion Marimba (kontakt instrument by cinematique instruments, mapping & sound example)

2018: Spirit Animals – Thoughts (keyboards)

2018: Die Füchsin – Spur in die Vergangenheit (feature film, ARD/Degeto, additional music for Dürbeck & Dohmen)

2017: Kommando Gleichstrom (WDR radio play, music composition & production, with Nicklas Falcke & Joachim Dürbeck)

2016: The Trail (Game, NHTV Breda, music composition & production)

2015: Yves Bubert l’oreal styling show (aftermovie, music composition & production)



as a live mixing engineer I had the pleasure to work with and/or for some awesome folks. here are some of them:

Fortuna Ehrenfeld, Polarfuchs, Gisbert zu Knyphausen, Nathan Gray (of Boysetsfire), Theodor Shitstorm, Grillmaster Flash, Loungecontrol, Enno Bunger, Staring Girl, MC Fitti, Getier, YENGA, Marci Pillami & the Boomerang Gang, Young Tree, Foliot.


here are some videos i have worked on/shot/edited, including my work for HOFA College and Cinematique Instruments