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Hello world, this is 43hz

28th February 2020

2020 saw my first releases under the name of 43hz, which I chose to be my alias for electronic music. The kick-off actually happened when Jonas and I made a track when he stayed at my place in Cologne for a workshop – I had just bought an Arturia Microfreak, we messed with it, one thing lead to another – and this track was born. The polaroit boys took the track to their studio to work their magic on it, before it dropped on Berlin techno label Stilvortalent on February 28th.

But I could not let that collaboration be the only track people would find under that new name. I required a track that would manifest what my twist on this kind of music would be, not only so people could say “Ah, that’s his influence on that polaroit collaboration”, but also for myself. So I ended up making another track, which I called Overture and released on February 28th as well. This track encompasses my own influences by artists such as Overwerk, Bonobo and Jon Hopkins.