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My only DJ gig this year!

28th January 2020

I DJed at exactly one party this year. While I don’t actively push myself to do more DJ gigs (and of course, there were almost none possible this year), it is still something I enjoy doing now and then, playing some funky house-y tunes for funky people.

At the same time, I provided audio serves to the event (mixing speakers, adding bits of media here and there, recording everything). Shoutout to Felix, who did that job with me.

We used a Midas M32R at the core of our set-up, with a Zoom H6 providing additional back-up. I DJed on my Pioneer DDJ-RB controller when in the back, and on CDJs when on the stage.

photo credit: taken at BSD2020 at Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Frankfurt