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13th November 2020

I picked up the bass this year! Certainly one of the happier things that happened. To be precise, Fabian, my dad and I went to Music Store in Cologne to pick the right one. Thanks dad! It’s a Fender Vintera 70s style Jazz Bass, and I chose it because I liked the way it plays and sounds (duh!).

Subsequently, I started replacing the sample-based basses in all my productions with my own bass parts, which adds some completely new organic flavour to my tracks.

I simultaneously started practising, starting by playing my favourite songs on Rocksmith 2014, and failing at playing most of them. Seriously, most music I listen to seems to have most difficult bass parts once you try to play them – whether it’s some funky stuff or some harsh metal-y stuff, the bass lines are a lot more complex than I expected from mere listening.

So, to supplement my playing I was looking into ways to improve my technique – which Fabian luckily took of my hand by signing me up at for christmas.

The picture on the left was shot at around 02:00 in the morning after some practicing.

Bonus video: See me playing Overtime by Knower for the first time, noticing that it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay above what I can play.